The Birth Blessing of Grace

Recently, Jade Chiu, ICD, hosted and photographed a Mother’s Blessing event for her friend and client, Grace Ausley. These events are a beautiful way to celebrate the beginning of a mother’s journey and chance for her friends to send her into the birth feeling fully pampered and supported. Please read about why we don’t call them Blessingway ceremonies here, and take a look one of our favorite events to plan and host!

Jade and her guest-of-honor, Grace, at the beginning of the event.
An array of dried herbs and flowers for a sweet-smelling foot soak.
Positive affirmations and art to decorate the event, and then Grace’s birth space to remind her of the support she has in her circle of friends and family.
A friend decorates one of Grace’s affirmation flags.
A scripture verse made by Grace’s sister-in-law, Sarah.







A floral head wreath, premade for Grace so she can relax while her guests make ones for themselves to wear and take home as keepsakes.
One of the guests making her own head wreath out of silk flowers, wire and floral tape.
new-12 (1)
Delicious snacks, more affirming art and disposable table wear so our guest of honor can relax and not worry about clean up on her day of honor.
Some of the beads brought by the guests to be made into a birth necklace for Grace to wear, hold, or display at her birth – a tangible reminder for her to hang on to while laboring.
Grace’s finished necklace and belly, with art by the talented Jade Chiu.
Grace with her friend Sara and Sara’s adorable son, Nehemiah.

For more information on Mother’s Blessing Events by The Labor Ladies, LLC, please visit our website.




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