Men Becoming Dads

I have heard it said that a woman becomes a mother when a child in conceived but a man becomes a father the day the child is born. Now, I know lots of dads who are very involved in their wive’s pregnancies but after attending many births there is just something truly magical about watching a man in his first moments of fatherhood- whether he’s becoming a dad for the first time or the fifth. Dads are amazing assets at birth, often so focused on helping the woman they love that they will gladly forgo food, rest or comfort just to massage her back through one more contraction, get the birth pool to the exact right temperature, or offer encouragement through as many pushes as it takes. Yet, when the moment finally comes where they meet their child for the first time you can always just see their hearts melt with love and their faces beam with pride. So, to celebrate all of the wonderful dads that we, as The Labor Ladies, have had a chance to work with over the years here are some of our favorite special dad moments…


This post was collectively comprised of photos taken by Jessica, Samantha and Jade. To Find out more about their doula and photography services please click HERE

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