Curse You, Maternity Leggings!

maternity leggings

Dear Maternity Leggings,

You are the worst and we’re breaking up.  It’s not me, it is definitely you.  You lied to me for months!  Here’s the thing, Maternity Leggings, you were sooooo comfortable.  Literally the most comfortable “pants” I’ve ever worn.   And my love for you, it was gradual.  We moved at a slow, healthy pace.  At first you were just for wearing with long sweaters during the colder months of my pregnancy.  But as I continued to grow my baby my other clothes were less and less comfortable.  Not you, Maternity Leggings, you were always comfortable.  I don’t even know, from a scientific standpoint, how it’s possible that you didn’t get tighter, that you were never uncomfortable.  As I slowly became a “leggings as pants” person you seemed to grow right along with my pregnant self.  How could you do that to me, Maternity Leggings??  You told me you were real pants and I actually believed you!   No tunic to be found?  No problem!  Just throw on your leggings with a t-shirt!  It’s fine!  I mean it must be fine…these leggings that fit at 4 months pregnant still feel incredible.  Logic would submit that that must mean I am still the size I was when 4 months pregnant save for the growing belly.  But no, Maternity Leggings!  It wasn’t true.  I trusted you and you lied and so it’s over between us.  See after about 20 weeks of wearing you my baby actually entered the world.  I was no longer pregnant.  No longer in need of maternity clothes.  I went for my regular clothes.  But guess what, you deceitful “pants,” nothing fit!  You told me for months that only my stomach was growing but then the baby was born and I finally looked at my butt in the mirror.  So I’ve decided you’re a jerk.  And I blame you for my postpartum body.   That’s all.




Meredith is one of the co-owners of The Labor Ladies, LLC. The adorable sleeping princess she’s wearing was born a little over six weeks ago. Luckily for us, Meredith was upset enough at her maternity leggings to let the world know. To learn more about Meredith and the birth services she provides click HERE.


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